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Next Stop: Taiwan

Your need for travel runs deeper than a Big Gulp®. That's why we want you to break out your virtual passports and join us for a trip around the world as we explore different 7-Eleven stores and all they have to offer.

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Taipei, TW
#65 Tung Hsing Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan 110
Latte Art

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a densely populated island known for its technology, food and people. As the country has grown and changed over the years, so has 7-Eleven. In fact, it’s the largest convenience store in the country with over 5,900 stores. One of the first places we recommend visiting is Taipei, the heart of the island. There you can let your inner geek run wild in one of the most technologically advanced 7-Eleven stores in the world. 

Where should we begin? The facial recognition gated entry for Taiwan’s flagship X-Store? Or the coffee machine that takes a digital photo and turns coffee foam into art? Being caffeine connoisseurs, we’ll start there.

When you walk in the store, not only are there baristas who hand-craft some of the best made-to-order specialty coffees, but there are a variety of tea and coffee stations to choose from. For us, it was all about the digital coffee machine. We couldn’t wait to upload a photo, and have it replicated in the foam of our coffee. It only took about 10 seconds before we were actually sipping on art! How cool is that?

We couldn't get over the cold drink vault doors that open with the wave of a hand. It’s like a magic trick you can’t stop doing! Other highlights are the self-serve microwaves that scan bar codes and instantly heat up your food (I’ll take one, please), self-checkout stations that can actually recognize an item without a barcode (more magic) and the facial recognition at the front of the store (creepy cool).

If you’re looking for some high-tech adventure, then the7-Eleven Taiwan is a must stop on your tour. Come experience what the future holds!

Where will 7-Eleven take you?

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