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History Of Pizza: Who Invented Pizza?

History of Pizza: Do You Know Who Invented Pizza?

Ok, it’s time to settle something right here, right now: who invented pizza? Let’s be clear: Pizza was not an American invention. It’s true that we all love a good Brooklyn-style slice or a deep dish Chicago-style bite, but let's not forget the rich history of pizza. And, it’s also true that some of the best pizza comes from 7-Eleven, and we love debating whether pineapple belongs on it, but…pizza is not from America.

If it’s not American, then where was pizza invented? Well, that’s a little more complicated. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were all famous for eating flatbreads, but the true birthplace of pizza is Naples, Italy.

Pizza in America: Pizza (And Pizza Delivery!) Becomes a Household Staple

So how did pizza become a household staple in the U.S.? It’s all thanks to Italian immigrants coming to the United States! People who immigrated from Naples to the U.S. brought delicious flatbreads. Then, after World War II, pizza became a household staple for many American families. 

Soon, pizza was on every table in America, and people came up with new ways to enjoy the treat. These new ways included fruit pizza, dessert pizza, breakfast pizza, and faster, more convenient ways to buy pizza, like pizza delivery. And now you don’t have to wait around on your pizza delivery! With 7NowⓇ, you can get your hot pizza hot, fast and served with your favorite sides (like chips, soda and a SlurpeeⓇ all from 7-Eleven)!

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Pizza in America: Breakfast Pizza is Now at 7-Eleven and Will Blow Your Mind!

But would you believe that one of the best places to get pizza these days is 7-Eleven? Between our delicious breakfast pizza and our new 7Meat pizza, you can get a quick bite from the hot bar or take home a frozen pizza to bake at your convenience! Plus, you can earn 7REWARDS® points with each purchase, so you can save money. 

Don’t want to get out of your pajamas? No problem. We don’t blame you! That’s why 7-Eleven even offers pizza delivery, so you don’t have to do anything but answer your door. All you have to do is order from 7NOW® and taste the warm cheesy goodness of a 7-Eleven slice! 

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