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A New Kind of Caffeine Buzz: Honey Lavender Coffee

The Lavender Honey Bee Coffee is a relaxing twist on honey lavender coffee, specially created for all the busy bees out there.

Looking for something light and calming? We heard that honey lavender coffee is great for that. The Lavender Honey Bee Coffee is just what you need to keep calm and carry on. 

It’s reminiscent of the tea flavors you might enjoy at a spa. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with honey and lavender coffee? Find sweet serenity with your first beverage of the morning. It’s as easy as adding creamer, 2 pumps of lavender and 1 pump of honey to your fav coffee. 

Are you yearning for a unique morning ritual that embraces the soothing allure of lavender coffee and the gentle sweetness of honey lavender coffee? The Lavender Honey-Bee Buzz Coffee is here to transform your ordinary coffee break into an extraordinary experience.

Imagine the tranquility of starting your day with a cup that transports you to a spa-like oasis. The Lavender Honey-Bee Buzz Coffee offers a symphony of flavors, combining the rich familiarity of your favorite coffee with the delicate, floral notes of lavender coffee and the subtle embrace of honey lavender coffee. Each sip becomes a journey through a world of relaxation.

The Lavender Honey Bee Coffee

1. Start with a Hot Coffee or Cold Brew

2. Add Creamer

3. Add 2 Pumps of Lavender Syrup

4. Add 1 Pump of Honey

Get buzzed!

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