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7-Eleven Space Invaders: Vanessa and JP Parra from Capco

Meet our featured artists.

Vanessa is a Georgia-born artist. JP is a Mexican-born artist. But they both ended up as graduates of the University of South Florida’s Art department. While Vanessa was painting murals in homes and businesses, JP was also painting murals professionally. She favors a mix of realism and abstract art, and he focuses on illustrative and realistic arts. Collectively, they’re always finding new ways to showcase innovation and originality in their commercial work. And just like that— their origin story was born. They collaborated in creating and growing their mural business into what it has become today.

Vanessa and JP started their mural business, Capco, in 2006 and have been married since 2007. They have so much love for their city of Tampa and aspire to continue adding their personal touch throughout the city.

Talk about “love at first paint stroke”. These two creative souls combine their own cultural flares to become the next 7-Eleven Space Invaders duo in Florida. Check out the video below to see their artistic process and the final masterpiece.

7-Eleven Space Invaders

Our Space Invaders program is a content series that celebrates local artists and our communities through engaging murals. This feature showcases their stories through a collection of short videos and stunning photography, the making of the mural, and its connection to the 7-Eleven brand and the local communities we both serve.