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7-Reserve™ Colombia Coffee

Quality coffee you can taste in every sip.

Flavor Profile

  • Medium

  • Caramel aroma. Nutty flavor. Full-bodied finish.

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rich History of Colombian Coffee

If you really want to know about your Colombian coffee, you’ve got to go back in history to the 1700s when it arrived in the country with Jesuit priests who were among Spanish colonists. They’re responsible for planting the first trees which lead to the plants spreading across the country over the next century.
Initially commercial production was quite limited despite the climate, elevation, and rainfall being perfect for growing Arabica coffee. In 1927 all that began to change with the founding of Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, providing support and extensive services to Colombian Farmers. As a result, the nation’s commercial coffee industry experienced a boom, resulting in Colombia becoming the third largest coffee producing nation in the world (after Brazil and Vietnam).
Today, thanks to the nation’s geography and various micro-climates, Colombia has 20 coffee producing regions producing 100% Arabica coffee featuring a wide range of unique flavor profiles.