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Fill Freely

It’s the timeless nostalgia. The bold flow. The right to indulge. The amplified taste. That jolt of joy. Express your true self and treat your tastebuds to electrify your day.

Flavors That Won’t Last Forever

Try on a new flavor and experience that first sip intensity. And try it soon—these flavors aren’t here to stay. Do it so you can say you did.

Summertime Citrus

Sip on this tart blend of mandarin orange and ruby red grapefruit, made with real sugar for real sweetness. Orange is definitely your color this summer.

The Slurpee® Cup Evolution

In the late 1950s, Omar Knedliks’s soda fountain at his restaurant broke. He stashed some soda pop in the freezer and had the idea to turn frozen soda into a beverage. He used parts from an automobile air conditioner to build a simple frozen beverage machine. 

Since then, Slurpee has become a beloved beverage of millions, a pop culture icon, and 7-Eleven’s most well-known proprietary brand. From its beginning, with kooky flavor names like Fulla Bulla, Blue Blunder and AWA AWA Ukulele, Slurpee has been keeping it “cool” for generations.

Join us for Slurpee Day

It’s a holiday that we wish was celebrated all year long. But, for our birthday on July 11, we give everyone a FREE small Slurpee® drink. And 7REWARDS® members get early access starting July 1. The countdown is already on.