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Fuel Your Rewards

Join 7REWARDS to get access to everyday fuel savings.

Fill up on gas for less.

On your first 7 trips you'll save 11¢/gal. After that you'll receive everyday savings of 5¢/gal*. Check the 'Find a store' section and the 7-Eleven app will filter fuel loyalty locations near you.

How Fuel Savings Works

    Mobile Experience

    1. Tap either ‘Fuel Now’ or ‘Pay for Fuel’.
    2. Swipe to choose pump number and pre-set fuel amount.
    3. Select payment.
    4. Lift nozzle, select fuel grade, and start pumping.
    5. You’re all done! Find your receipt in app and email.

    Pump Experience

    1. Find a store near you, Press "7Rewards" on the fuel screen or Press "Yes" using dispenser keypad and start saving.
    2. Enter your 7REWARDS verified phone number.
    3. Your name and savings per gallon will appear.
    4. Proceed with regular payment and fueling process.

    Go further with 7-Eleven Wallet.

    Load your 7-Eleven Wallet with cash, credit, or debit and use it to get fuel discounts and other rewards.