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School Essentials: Coffee, Snacks, and To-Go Food You Need

All the food you want, when you want it. Don't have time to cook? Opt for convenient to-go food and drinks at 7-Eleven!

Fall semester at college just started and these are regular conversations:

“Have you eaten today?” – Mom

“Uhh... does 2 a.m. this morning count as today?”

“I’m sick of the dining hall. What should we eat for dinner?” – Roommate

“Something that pairs well with beer.”

Fuel your day with our selection of to-go food items!

College life means eating at odd hours and for different occasions. You don’t have your parents there to tell you when or what to eat. Maybe you live in a dorm and can’t cook a lot. You need easy meals and quick snacks. Cue the college food hacks. When you need something delicious and within your college budget, 7-Eleven is there for you.

College Food Hacks: To-go food, drinks and coffee you need at all hours.

For a Tailgate:

Hot Food, like Hot Dogs and Taquitos


Red Solo Cups

After a Night Out:



Chicken Tenders

Before Class:

Energy Drinks

Hot Coffee

Breakfast Pizza

Don’t have a car at school or the time between classes to leave campus? Order everything you’re craving with 7NOW® delivery. Enjoy this 24/7 delivery whenever you need it.

Now, make your mom proud and go get an A+ in snacking!

Find more college food hacks at a store near you, and take your snacking game to the next level!